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Five secluded inns on the coast of Maine: Casual, but elegant; Tucked away, but close to great restaurants. Beautiful, tranquil, and hospitable.

  1. Inn at Sunrise Point
    Camden Get directions
  2. Wave Walker Bed and Breakfast
    Surry Get directions
  3. Ann's Point Inn
    Bass Harbor Get directions
  4. Bufflehead Cove
    Kennebunkport Get directions
  5. Grey Havens Inn
    Georgetown Get directions

The coast of Maine: 5,500 miles of shoreline, 6,200 islands, 64 lighthouses, and over 400 years of American History. Painters have tried for centuries to capture the essence of Maine. Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, the Wyeths, and others have given us unforgettable images of sunwashed beaches, fishing boats shrouded in fog, old buildings weathered to silver, and austere ledges softened by bayberry & roses.

But no artist can capture the scent of salt air and balsam, the crystalline quality of the light, the crashing or lapping of the Atlantic shoreline in its many moods, the taste of sweet lobster and fresh wild blueberries. These you have to experience for yourself--and what better way than at an authentic Waterside Hideaway?

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